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Next Design is fashion firm established in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. The founder, Sara Mohammed is a very talented, young, passionate, and award-winning Ethiopian designer whose products are eminent worldwide. She has been playing a significant role in the perception and development of fashion design in Ethiopia.
Sara successfully managed to be the pioneer in the Ethiopian fashion industry. She received so many awards and recognitions from different institutions for her great contribution for she introduce Ethiopian fashion at the world stage. Sara although making a visible difference in empowering women and single mothers to work and subsidize their economy.

The sister company, Next Designing College is recognized and registered by Addis Ababa Educational Bureau in 2006 G.C (1999 E.C.) as a training institute. The college has got recognition in level I up to Level IV training program from City Government of Addis Ababa Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Agency.

Next Designing College It Is One Of The Pioneering Schools In The Field Of Fashion. Since Its Establishment It Trains And Graduates 1305 Regular & Extension Students In Fashion Designing And Granted Training For 320 Students In Modeling.

Our company is free from child labor and Eco-friendly certified (i.e. the products are no harm upon ecosystems or the environment)



Our mission is to create a truly stunning and eminent global brand that will serve customers’ need regardless of age, color, and size. We always strive to be the preferable fashion firm in the nation and beyond.



Our vision is to be the leading and preferred fashion firm in Ethiopia and beyond in terms of quality, excellence, affordability, and uniqueness. Bringing talent and professional ethics together, we aspire to build a renowned brand worldwide. We aspire to see traditional Ethiopian clothes go all over the world and used for any occasions.

Core Values


  • Quality,
  • Affordability,
  • On time delivery,
  • Innovation,
  • Integrity and team work,
  • Customers’ satisfaction